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Selfhosting Changes

We take pride in the open nature of ZetaWorlds and the fact that anyone can connect their own personal piece of land to the grid without much in the way of restrictions. This has been a key point of our philosophy for years and will continue to be a corner stone of our identity for the foreseeable future.

Nonetheless we feel the need to give our current set of rules for selfhosters a once-over as the grid expands and grows. Each regio...

Gridservice Upgrades

As we continue to look for new ways to improve the service we provide we have recently started looking into a new way of splitting the grid services up to better distribute the load each individual part of the grid service is under. The new system is currently in testing and will be deployed once we are certain that all functionality is tested and confirmed working as intended.

In the meantime we have been upgrading the grid services ...

Nightly preconf builds

A few days ago the automated testing system for our preconf binaries for selfhosters went live. These new binaries, unlike previously, are built automatically and tested for functionality through automated tests. This should improve the release cycle of the binaries due to manual testing often taking a few days to complete. This does mean these binaries are only tested in regards to basic functions, so some bugs may remain. New versions are up...

10000 Friendships, a reason to celebrate!

Community is very important to us and we are very happy to see the growing interest resulting in ever more activity. We recently hit 10000 friendships on the grid, which tells us people really enjoy interacting with one another. In order to celebrate we will hold a party in the name of friendship. This Saturday at 15:00 (3pm) grid time at the Dome, featuring our very own Edison Rex. We hope you can come join us and...

Grid Stats

Online: 12
Active Users: 1234 (831)
Total Residents: 1205
Visitors: 4522
Total Logins: 32702
Time spent inworld: 7982 Days 11 Hours 35 Minutes
Total Landarea: 231.211008 kmĀ²
Regions: 3528 (271)


CDN Powered Assets

ZetaWorlds uses a custom built CDN (Content Delivery Manager) to serve assets. This makes loading much faster, no matter where in the grid you host your region. It also improves your hypergrid experience.

Custom Code

ZetaWorlds builds almost everything we use on top of OpenSim ourselves. Our custom version of OpenSim, called ZetaSim, brings many new features and enhancements.

Load Balanced

ZetaWorlds is load balanced for heavy loads. We run multiple instances of the grid services behind load balancers. We use our own custom asset server to manage all load traffic. You will notice the difference.

100% Eco-Power

ZetaWorlds uses hardware that is powered by 100% renewable energy and with sustainability in mind. We also use excess resources to help the fight against cancer and other diseases.

Gloebit Currency

ZetaWorlds has many Gloebit enabled regions that make it easy to engage in commerce even outside of ZetaWorlds with Gloebit being fully HyperGrid compatible. With commerce on the rise Gloebit offers the most stable platform to sell your goods and services with many other grids supporting it across the metaverse.


ZetaWorlds is based in Germany and subject to strict privacy rules, these ensure we will not share any data with others and keep your data secure from prying eyes.